With a society of multi-cultures, we plan to enrich our curriculums providing with new courses in applied language studies and translation. To promote international studies and interaction, our department frequently holds national and international conferences. Besides, many faculty members have provided numerous secondary schools English services. They brought their expertise to schools and help advance students’ learning. They have also helped implement the Kaohsiung City Government global localization projects. That indicated that our department has made a significant contribution to English studies and services in southern Taiwan. Therefore, we like to still be an active role in English studies and services, locally and globally.

The perspectives are listed as follows:

  • Keep furnishing teaching facilities and encouraging teachers to modernize the teaching materials and methods, as well as the teaching contents accordingly.
  • Recruiting more research facilities and resources to help improve  research environment, and to encourage teachers to actively engage in research studies and conferences.
  • Encourage faculty to pursue further studies and to participate in academic conference and lectures.
  • Encourage teachers to critically guide students through research processes, so as to enrich graduate students' research capacity.
  • Lead English club to hold academic activity to compete English four skills in order to sharpen students English competence. Provide counseling and English service for secondary school, and the society.