Our goals aim to enrich students’ knowledge in English teaching theories and practices in order to train future secondary school teachers. Aside from consolidating language teaching training, the department of English expects to help students acquire comprehensive theoretical basis and inspire their research talents in English literature, Linguistics, and TESOL.

Accommodating with the recent changes of MOE policy, this department has readjusted its goals to educate students with multi-cultural awareness and solid knowledge for academic and business pursuits.

These goals are listed as follows:

  1. Train students in English teaching and researchers in English Literature, Linguistics, and TESOL.
  2. Develop students to be a professional with sound mind and healthy body and to become researchers in America and English literatures.
  3. Instruct students to become language personnel for society needs.
  4. Connect students’ theoretical and practical talents in TESOL to meet the needs of industry.