u Term of Study

1.  The term of study for master degree is one to four years.

2.  A student may apply for leaves of absence from his/her enrolled institute. The leaves must be approved by the thesis advisor of the student and the director of the program. The leaves may last one or more semester(s) or academic year(s). The total duration of leaves is normally limited to four semesters or two academic years. Extended leaves of absence those last more than two academic years will be approved only if the student suffers from a serious chronic illness, and the diagnosis is certified by a public hospital. The application of extended leaves of absence must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.

u Course Work and Credits

1.  Every master degree student enrolling in Engineering International Graduate Program (EIGP) must complete at least twenty-six(26) credits of graduate-level courses(not including Thesis) before graduation. Master degree students are required to select one from the three concentrations as their major selected technical courses. The curriculum should consist of the following four categories.

(A)  Major Technical Courses [required at least 9 credits]

The major technical courses are determined by the Curriculum Committee of academic institutes in the College of Technology. These courses are listed in the “List of Major Technical Courses”. Master degree students are required to select one from the three concentrations as their major technical courses (required at least9 credits) and take at least 9 credits from their major technical courses.

(B) Common Technical Elective Courses [selected 8 credits]

The Common technical Elective courses include following four courses:

a.      Select one course from Industry Project (I), Industry Project (II), Industry Project (III), Industry Project (IV), Industry Internship (I), Industry Internship (II), Industry Internship (III), Industry Internship (IV),Methodology in Design Research, Design Discourse (required at least 6 credits)

b.     Seminar A (1 credit)

c.      Seminar B (1 credit)

(C) Elective courses (required at least 9 credits)

The elective courses include all the major technical courses in the other two concentrations.

(D) Common Technical Courses (Mandatory, required 6 credits)

Master degree students must take Thesis course (Mandatory,6 credits).

Appendix: List of Major Technical Course

Major Technical Courses for 3 Concentrations of EIGP

Concentration I : Electrical Engineering (at least 3 out of 22 courses)

Optical Fiber Communication 光纖通訊

Laser Engineering雷射工程

Principles of Liquid Crystal Devices液晶元件原理

Digital Signal Processing數位訊號處理

Communication Networks通訊網路

System Chip Design系統晶片設計

RF Integrated Circuits射頻積體電路

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Technology半導體製程技術

Antenna Theory天線理論

Digital Communications 數位通訊

Studies in Artificial Intelligence人工智慧研究

Studies in Software Engineering軟體工程研究

Studies in Multimedia Network Application多媒體網路應用研究

Analysis and Design of Objected-Oriented Programming物件導向分析與設計

Studies in Programming Language程式語言研究

Database Theories資料庫理論

Studies in Computer Network計算機網路研究

Object-Oriented Programming物件導向程式設計

Studies in Internet Application網際網路應用研究

Studies in Information and Communication Technology Application資訊與通訊科技應用研究

Semiconductor Physics 半導體物理

Microwave Engineering微波工程

Concentration II : Industrial Technology Education( at least 3out of 11 courses)

Advanced Statistics高等統計學

Research Methodology研究方法論

Technology Education Theory科技教育理論

Curriculum and Instructional System Design課程與教學系統設計

Manufacturing Technology Seminar in Instruction製造科技專題研究

Studies in Construction Technology System營建科技專題研究

Studies in Transportation Technology System交通運輸科技專題研究

Studies in Technology Philosophy科技哲學專題研究

Studies in Iudustrial Safety and Hygeian安全衛生專題研究

Motion Graphics動態圖像動畫

Concentration III : Industrial Design Engineering (at least 3 out of 11 courses)

Studies in affective product design產品情感設計研究

Studies in Usability使用性工程研究

Kansei Design感性設計研究

Chinese Character Design漢字設計

Studies in Visual Analysis視覺分析研究

Studies in sustainable product design永續產品設計研究

Studies in Quantitative Research of Form造形的量化研究

Studies in interactive product design互動產品設計研究

Motion Graphics動態圖像動畫

Creative Design創意設計

Studies in Digital Generative forms數位衍生造型研究